About Us

ENO is a young IT service provider, and its core members have more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry. ENO is short for e-commerce innovation, we would like to bring forward-looking technology to your business, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Our Mission

Make it very easy for our customers to obtain advanced IT products that are both practical and affordable.Let your customers more easily reach your business, use the Internet to improve your service efficiency and lower the costs.

Our Plan

We will use the most advanced and stablest technologies to encapsulate into the most suitable application for your scenario, continuely iterate to keep it in the best state.Free your most valuable resource to let you foucus on main bussiness.

Our Vision

The rise of AI will liberate a considerable degree of duplication of labor,the future world will be highly integrated with the Internet. Our role is construction workers in the Internet age, helping you build future-oriented business components.

Products & Services

ENO provides software products, system integration services, and can also customize the development of software according to customer requirements. Meanwhile, ENO is also a Wisetech Partner and can provide you with the implementation services of Cargowise One system.


An online booking AI application, you can talk through voice or text just like talking to another person with wechat, it helps you to accept customer booking consultations at any place, any time, or query booking progress, combined with CargowiseOne's workflow system can even automatically give a quotation and send related documents automatically. CargoVoice will help your booking team save lots of time and effort on customer service.


For some cases, when you need to customize CargoVoice products (such as developing your own APP or building a wider AI service system), we can provide a complete set of solutions from requirements analysis, software design, application deployment, Recommendations for even three-party services. This applies to you intending to build an AI service platform and continue to expand your business on the platform.


We can help when you would like CargowiseOne to integrate with other systems (such as ERP, financial systems) and exchange data. It is worth mentioning that we have rich experience in banking system integration and rich experience in processing data with high security levels. We have provided software development and integration services for many commercial banks.

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More and more freight forwarding companies are using CargoVoice, and the benefits it brings far exceed the cost of software. Contact us to get more details.Look forward to working with you.

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Our Skills

The following chart shows our ability preference. Generally speaking, we are more inclined to data modeling, back-end system development and system integration,security communications and UI/UE design.

Data Modeling
Back-end system devlopment
Security communications
UI Design & Development

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